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1.Surface Finish : Electro Tin is generally being used but Lead, Nickel and Silver surface Finish are also available on demand.

Users are requested to mention the working temperature at which the terminal is supposed to work as Electro tin is recommended for temperature upto 150 Degree celcius whereas Eectro Nickel is recommended for working temperature between 150 - 350 degree celcius.

2. Insulation :

Material Used for insulating cable Terminals is Vinyl/Nylon with fire resistant and insulating features.

3. Raw Material :

We use electrical Grade Copper and Aluminium.

Copper used by us is highly conductive and as far as purity is concerned it is 99.9% Min.

Similarly Aluminium is of highly conductive and electrical grade and its purity is 99.5% min.

4. Others :

Kiran Cable Terminals have resistant to vibration and great strength. it is also economical to use and well inspected.

Notes : 1. We also manufacture terminals of any specific and regular requirement of the firm and can deliver it in a short period of confirmed order.

2. S.K.Industries shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss arising out of the use or misuse of any product(s) mentioned in our catalouge.

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